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Justin Comino is a web developer based out of Colorado. He is the lead developer at HomeNation.com and also works on several of his own projects. He graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia with a Bachelors of Information Technology (minor in HCI) in 2014. Since then, his time is mostly spent on HomeNation.com and seeing the great outdoors in Colorado. Within his field, he also holds interests in Artificial Intelligence, functional programming, lean-startup methodology, and so called “growth hacking”. Having participated in the Thiel Fellowship twice (2014, 2015), his recent work on FlameSell.com got him to the second round (of three) in the Fellowship. Today, he maintains a keen interest in entrepreneurship and hopes to soon create a sustainable business from his work. With interests in philosophy, design, and travelling, Justin plans to use small business as a catalyst of  personal growth and a bridge to a more fulfilling life.

You can contact Justin here.